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25th Anniversary Re-Issue of "Here's To The Losers" LP

25th Anniversary Re-Issue of "Here's To The Losers" LP


Limited Edition (only 500 copies) re-issue of "Here's To The Losers" on vinyl, with a double gatefold jacket and 5 previously unreleased tracks.   Pre-Order now at $32.00 per 2LP set.  Included a selection of rare and unreleased downloads available at purchase time.  LPs will be available on September 25th. 


Side A: 

1. Here's To The Losers

2. Pineapple

3. Custom Van

4. Paid For Loving ( Tool Version) 

5. Paid For Loving

6. Warming Trend


Side B. 

1. Custom Van

2. Matter Of Fact

3. Fragile

4. Li'l Black Book


Side C:

1. Drive-In

2. Bacchus Girl

3. Ohio River

4. I Like Young Girls

5. Dancing In The Shallow End


Side D: 

1. Aces High (Previously Unrelesased) 

2. Love Is A Battlefield  (Previously Unreleased) 

3. Helping Hands ( Previously Unreleased) 

4. Wood  (Demo)

5. Whiskey, The Moon & Me  (Demo) 

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